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Project 8 Responsibilities

  1. CRES Tx Antenna
  2. Beamforming optimization
  3. Kalman Filter to track events

Help Luiz at Penn State with the following projects:

Single-Electron Detection and Spectroscopy via Reltivistic Cyclotron Radiation

Determining the Neutrino Mass with CERS

Tritium Endpoint ~ 18.6keV

We need to measure this to a higher precision < 10 eV n in the 26GHz range

The Tritium "Q" point is the lowest for some reason. This makes it ideal to estimate the neutrino mass with. We know the Neutrino mass is no greater than 2 eV, compare that to the 511,000 eV electron! So the beta-decay coming out of the tritium has a certain amount of kinetic energy, the more it has, the less the neutrino has, we take this to the extreme to find the Neutrino rest mass,

Things I should do to a pinewood derby car:

  • way flatter
  • graphite axels
  • spacers for wheels
  • aligned the wheels
  • center of mass in back
  • disc wheels

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