1. Geometric Algebra and Vector Inverses
  2. OOP Algebraic Theory of Molecules
  3. Energy Transfer in Inelastic and Reactive Collisions using Algebraic methods
  4. Quasi-Quantum Dynamics of Collinear Reactive Collisions using Operator methods
  1. The Landau-Teller model revisited
  2. Accurate Scientific Visualization in Research and Physics Teaching, with video zip file(~100MB)
  1. Methane Hydrogen inelastic collision with colored muscle bonds
  2. AAPT presentation page
  1. Lie Foundations
  2. PhD Candidacy exam report
  3. Getting closer to an Explicit analytic form to come back from Natural Coordinates
  4. Examining the Morse Potential in some detail
  5. The need for symbolic compution in the Lie algebraic application to molecular collisions
  6. Out of Equilibrium Mastery Attempt 1
  7. Methane parameters for final application of molecular collision dynamics
  8. u(2) Foundational Quantum Dynamics
  9. Explicit Natural Coordinate Transformations
  10. An amusing first attempt at a PhD dissertation
  11. Paper submit attempt Mean Field Anharmonicity
  12. Appropriation of Reaction Globalizationn
  13. H+H_2 Surface - Fortran Potential Energy Surface to Mathematica or this fortran
  14. Theory Group Meeting Presentation - Accurate Visualization in Physics Research and Teaching
  15. Reactive collisions with Natural Coordinates (see it)
  16. Inelastic collisions with Landau-Teller model (see it)
  17. Verification of uniform force quantum solution (see it)
  18. Lie Algebra Time Evolution of Free and Oscillating particles
  19. Survey of Quantum State Definitions
  20. 3D - Oscillator Exhausted
  21. Landau-Teller Model
  22. Forced oscillator review
  23. The analytic approach to a dipole field
  24. Quantum molecular preparations
  25. Lie Algebraic Dipole Field
  26. Working with Lie Algebra on the dipole problem
  27. Field theory is easiest when...
  28. Drum heads and their normal modes
  29. Guitar Strings and their harmonics
  30. Refining the introduction to calculus
  31. Various oddities that are loosely associated with tradition
  32. A small thesis outline for a fellowship application
  33. Time Dependant Perturbation Theory and the Dirac Equation
  34. Algebraic Structures and BCH
  35. Exercises and shape invariance review
  36. Geometric Algebra, Supersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics
  37. Standard model survey
  38. Generating functions simplified
  39. The difference between a differential equation and an integral equation.
  40. Green's functions simplified
  41. Hamilton's Principle for classical mechanics
  42. Port of Morrow

Books in .pdf

  1. Wolfgang Demtröder, "Atoms,Molecules and Photons: An Introduction to Atomic-Molecular and Quantum-Physics"
    1. Introduction
    2. The Concept of the Atom
    3. Development of Quantum Physics
    4. Basic Concepts of Quantum Mechanics
    5. The Hydrogen Atom
    6. Atoms with More Than One Electron
    7. Emission and Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation by Atoms
    8. Lasers
    9. Diatomic Molecules
    10. Polyatomic Molecules
    11. Experimental Techniques in Atomic and Molecular Physics
    12. Modern Developments in Atomic and Molecular Physics


  1. Harmonic Properties of solids
  2. Anharmonic Properties of solids
  3. The Equivalence Principle
  4. Inertial Reference Frame
  5. Non-Inertial Reference Frame
  6. Jiggle
  7. Random Walk in an Orthogonal View
  8. Random Walk in a finite Perspective View
  9. Rutherford Scattering
  10. Others 1 2

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