Brief Physics Review

Thoughts on physics

Physics is the study of interactions. It is the science of motion and stillness. If mastered, one can more confidently predict the future of physical events. Explanations of strange occurances are most possible with the language of physics. Physics is also man's only gateway to technological advancement.

Purpose of pursuing physical science mastery

I like knowing more detail about the world around me. The traditional models that have been established by all the brilliant hard working scientists in the past reveals this detail. For example, Newtonian mechanics allows me a more analytic intuition of the fatal consequences of inertia, momentum and energy. From the kinematics of flying footballs to the electrodynamics of flashing strobe lights, we have come a long way. Although one wonders how many cell phone users actually have a clue as to what takes place when they send a text message. I can say I would not have a perfect understanding of any given device's functionality but I do know for the most part the fundamental principles which man has discovered that were necessary in designing and building the device. Mastery in the physical sciences must be sustained by each new generation so as to more effectively continue the persuit of truth in the physical world.

Tim Wendler

Manuel Berrondo   Jean-Francois Van Huele   J. Ward Moody   Scott Bergesen  Gus Hart