Biodiesel Engine

Biodiesel generator

Below is a Yanmar L70E diesel engine spinning a Delco 10Si 63amp alternator. The regulated 14 volt output runs to a 12 volt batter charger unit. It is then inverted via a Chicago Electric 66817 into 120AC.

These are the energy forms in play.

  1. Vegetable oil or biodiesel chemical potential energy
  2. Rotational Kinetic energy
  3. Electromagnetic energy

The biodiesel is made from raw vegatable oil, it is much leaner and less smokey than straight vegetable oil power. See biodiesel.

Here is a simple schematic of the project:

Solar Power Project

Here is the roof of a house I used to live in. There are two small 20 watt solar panel mounted on the south side.

The 20 watt units are wired in parallel with a charge controller.

The charge controller is wired to two six volt batteries in series.

The state of the battery charge and solar power gained is monitored and recorded 24 hours a day with the Campbell scientific CR1000 and the National Enstruments USB 6211 data loggers wired into Lab View.

The power is then used to cool the monitor room with a small fan.

Tim Wendler

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